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About the collection:

This collection is inspired by two 17th century wood carvings that were located in Ársnes-church in Strandir. Strandir is a small scenic town in the Westfjords region of Iceland. 

The backstory about the wood carvings:

These two wood carved boards are located at the National Museum in Reykjavík. The wood carvings depicted scenes of mermaids, dragons, and other sea creatures. One of the carvings was based on a well known Icelandic folk story of Flóres the King, the other shows men in battle with a dragon-like monster.

Why I chose this for inspiration:

Ideas and inspiration often come to us in mysterious ways. One day I saw an ad about an exhibition from the National museum in Reykjavík which was focused on magic and superstition. They showed pictures of these two old wood carved boards with mermaid, dragon and other creatures. Something about the mermaid called to me so I dove into research to learn more about these carvings. Only to find out that these carvings originate from the small, remote area of Iceland with which my family has deep ties to! I have so much love for this area of Iceland and it is, in my opinion, the center of my universe! As if this wasn’t a big enough sign already, the church to which these carvings belonged is where my grandparents on my father’s side are laid to rest. I have deep roots and ties to this area and yet, to my surprise, I had never seen or heard of these carvings until my visit to the exhibit in Reykjavík. There was no way that I could ignore the kismet of coming across these carvings and I knew that I needed to channel this inspiration into a new collection.